Throughout our lives we look at where we are and where we are going.  Particularly these last 18 months with the pandemic, many of us were forced to reassess our next steps.  For most of us, the pandemic threw our work life, family life and social life into a cocked hat.  We struggled on deciding the best choices for us personally and how to navigate the obstacles we faced.


The next workshop presented by This Point Forward is intended to help each of us make our best decisions as we traverse this changing landscape.  It can help us understand where we were, where we are at, what we have lost and where we should go to move forward with our best life possible.


Three Frames for Shaping Your Next Purpose is our next online workshop presented on November 9 at 6:30. This workshop is led by Laurie Reuben, Professional Certified Coach and Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator and Alice Ford, ordained clergy in The United Methodist Church, Professional Certified Coach, and Conflict Mediation Specialist.    I hope you’ll join us for this fascinating evening as we discuss how to move forward with our lives in the new post-pandemic environment.

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