Since 2020,  we have presented workshops on various topics around Health and Wellness.  Below are the recordings from these workshops

Health Equity for the Latino Community in Howard County

Listen to Dr. Yvette Oquendo-Burruz, a renowned family physician with extensive experience in Howard County address health care equity issues that the Latino community is facing, particularly during the pandemic.  She offers practical advice on dealing with these concerns.

Healthcare is Not A Six Figure Word

Health care costs get a lot of attention – and rightly so.  Much of that conversation is around the numbers that get thrown around that often make health care feel like a six-figure word.  This workshop presents research from T. Rowe Price on the topic of healthcare costs in retirement.

Meeting the Challenge:  Achieving Equity in Healthcare and COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

Discussion on how global, national, and local issues are each part of the health equity problem but can also drive understanding that leads to solutions at all levels.

Working with the Maryland Legislature on Fair Drug Pricing

A session to provide information on drug pricing and how you as a consumer can better understand your options and lower your costs.

Public Health Policy and the Impacts on the Minority Community in Maryland

Recently the legislature approved, and the governor signed, bills that improve the health services we provide in Maryland.  This workshop discusses these bills and their impact.