Over this last year, This Point Forward has been helping people facing retirement determine how to make the most of this next phase of life.  Retirement is such a major life change!   Although we’re probably looking forward to it, most of us have many questions as we face this next life-phase:

·       How will I spend my time?

·       Will I retire gradually or all at once?

·       How can I continue to use the skills and knowledge I’ve gained over many years?

·       Do I want to start a new career?

·       How can I get more involved in my community and volunteer organizations?

·       What leisure and recreational activities should I pursue?

·       How can I stay healthy?

A Time Of Opportunity

Retirement can be a real time of opportunity and This Point Forward can help you answer some of these questions in our next workshop – Imagine Your Life Without Limits.  We can help you focus your hopes and dreams and explore what life can bring for you and your partner.

This Workshop is led by Roger Desai, President, RSD Financial, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow, Certified Financial Educator.  Roger serves on a This Point Forward committee and has been active in our community for many years.  He has taught retirement transition planning courses for many years at several local community colleges and he will bring his experiences and knowledge to help you through this next transition.

Please join us on May 11 from 6:30 to 8:00 to talk about your next life-phase. We look forward to seeing you.


This Event is Sponsored by:

Bob Martin