This Point Forward is a network of individuals dedicated to building intentional engagement opportunities for people in the second half of their lives.


Our purpose is to inspire people to make the next phase of their life the best it can be.  We do that by empowering them to reimagine the use of their skills, experience and knowledge.


  • A Commitment to Positive Aging
    • Harnessing the skills, experience and knowledge of adults as they age and grow
    • Dispelling the myths of aging
    • Encouraging intergenerational interaction
    • Meeting people where they are and honoring their experience and goals
    • Fostering fulfillment and a sense of happiness, accomplishment and well-being
  • Embracing Respect for All by Celebrating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
    • Welcoming everyone to the table
    • Caring for and valuing the individual
  • Sparking the Fire of Innovation and the Move to Action
    • Breaking down barriers
    • Inspiring new and creative thinking
    • Supporting a curious and engaged culture
  • Acting with Integrity
    • Doing what we say we will
    • Building trust through actions
Purpose and Values