When I turned 50 a couple of years ago, I knew the path that I was on was the right one that I created, being a full-time entrepreneur.  One of the best decisions I have ever made!

But last year, one of my mentors and good friends asked me, “what will be next for you and what will you transition into after you build your business to your desired goal level?”  That had me thinking for days, what is next for me?  Once I discovered what was next for me, and my purpose, I set a plan in motion for the next phase after this one is complete.

What is Your Next Phase?

So many times, I have heard “If only life came with an instruction manual”.  You might have asked that question for your life too.  Or what is next for you after this phase of your life is complete.  When we were in our teens people asked us, “what do we want to be when you graduate or when x___ happens.” And then we spent quite a bit of time visualizing what we want to do for work, talking to guidance counselors, where we want to live, what are true talents are, our interests or our goals.   And that is such a beautiful exercise to take the time to visualize, plan, prepare, and soul search for our lives and purpose.

So, the question is, after you have now most likely accomplished those goals, have you taken time to visualize and plan for what is next for you in your next phase?

 Finding Your Way in the New Economy Workshop

My colleague and friend, Jim Sanders, and I will be discussing this topic in our workshop, Finding Your Way in the New Economy, on Tuesday, June 8th, with This Point Forward.  Our goal is to help our audience get started in planning their next phase of their life, for those who want to continue working and building new opportunities.

Our topics will include job-seeking methods for part-time and full-time work, getting started in to freelancing, flex-work and consulting.  We hope you will join us in this conversation!

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