Like many people in my sixties, I am looking forward to retiring and finding ways to spend my time that bring purpose to my life. I expect to do that by volunteering.

Have you heard of the “gig economy?” Merriam-Webster defines it as, “economic activity that involves the use of temporary or freelance workers to perform jobs typically in the service sector.” They also provide an example where Linda Nazareth says, “While they are still able to work, boomers will be a big part of a subset of the sharing economy that is sometimes called the “gig economy.” Gigs are what they sound like: assignments, contracts or part-time jobs.” However, instead of solely paid work, the “gig economy” is making its way into the Volunteer Sector.

Imagine if you could find a volunteer opportunity that is a match for your available free time and the skills that you are interested in using. To learn more, consider attending our next workshop, Creating Gig Volunteer Opportunities. “In this panel discussion, learn how to become a freelance volunteer by creating short-term opportunities to leverage your skills, expertise, and time through civic engagement.”

Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? We hope to see you there!