Imagine Your Life Without Limits

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There are so many things to consider when thinking about your future including your health, family, dreams, ideal retirement and most importantly, your financial security.

“What will the next phase of your life bring?”

Let us help you with your first steps in bringing into focus all of your hopes and dreams of what life after years of work should be.  We’re excited to introduce the Imagine: Your life without limits workshop.  This exciting workshop will help you capture your ideas and communicate with your partner expectations for what lies ahead.  The transition to retirement can be stressful, but with thoughtful preparation, you can get ready for the next phase of your life with eager anticipation.

Do you know how you will spend your time in retirement?

Will you and your spouse retire at same time?

Will you leave the workforce gradually or all at once?

Unsure of what retirement will bring?

For all these questions and more, join us for the imagine workshop.

This workshop is led by Roger Desai, President, RSD Financial, Accredited Investment Fiduciary, Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow, Certified Financial Educator.

Roger has been active in his community for many years.  He teaches courses on retirement transition planning at several local community colleges and also serves on a committee for This Point Forward.

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Bob Martin


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