Finding a Volunteer Opportunity that suits YOU

Like many people in my sixties, I am looking forward to retiring and finding ways to spend my time that bring purpose to my life. I expect to do that by volunteering. Have you heard of the “gig economy?” Merriam-Webster defines it as, “economic activity that involves the use of [...]

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Finding purpose during your “Third Age of Life”

In his article entitled, Life's Third Age, Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. presents some ideas about the third age of life: The idea of a third age of life is a concept borrowed from the European tradition of adult education. In life’s first age, from birth to approximately thirty, the primary [...]

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Life’s Journey

Throughout the year, we will offer workshops on identifying your strengths and passions, planning your retirement, understanding health insurance, finding a job, writing a resume, using new technologies, and using your skills to be an effective volunteer. Stay tuned for dates and the opportunity to sign up.

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