Next Phase

The Importance of Community

This Point Forward is a community of people with shared ideas and ideals. We view the second phase of our lives as yet another great adventure during which we can meet new people, explore new pastimes, share our talents with others and, in general, have fun in an engaged and meaningful way.

Finding a Volunteer Opportunity that suits YOU

Like many people in my sixties, I am looking forward to retiring and finding ways to spend my time that bring purpose to my life. I expect to do that by volunteering. Have you heard of the “gig economy?” Merriam-Webster defines it as, “economic activity that involves the use of [...]

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Finding purpose during your “Third Age of Life”

In his article entitled, Life's Third Age, Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D. presents some ideas about the third age of life: The idea of a third age of life is a concept borrowed from the European tradition of adult education. In life’s first age, from birth to approximately thirty, the primary [...]

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Taking the Next Step

Dealing with Uncertainty In today’s chaotic and threatening pandemic environment, we are all thinking about not only the coming months but also trying to understand what the post-pandemic world will be like.  Over the years, in times of uncertainty, I have often been inspired by Victor Frankel’s autobiography Man’s Search [...]

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