The Importance of Community

This Point Forward is a community of people with shared ideas and ideals. We view the second phase of our lives as yet another great adventure during which we can meet new people, explore new pastimes, share our talents with others and, in general, have fun in an engaged and meaningful way.

Lives Well Lived – Shown this month on your PBS station

The film Lives Well Lived is being shown on PBS stations during the month of September 2021. This fabulous film features 40 people discussing the the secrets, wit and wisdom of age. Here are the viewing dates/times for our local area, listed in chronological order: Washington D.C. | WHUT — [...]

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Finding Where I Belong

My excitement on joining This Point Forward – a group committed to providing those contemplating retirement, reimagining, or a restart with access to information, resources, and assistance in planning and embarking on a new phase in their lives - has its roots in the adventures I have embraced my entire life. The workshops, panel discussions, and presentations on the This Point Forward schedule will allow me to contribute the lessons learned in my previous adventures.

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